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newbie desperately needs help

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I have purchased a LOR Software Suite V 3.14 Basic Plus and the LOR

ShowTime PC CTB16PC. I did this last January 9, 2012 4:59:21 PM CST, with the idea that I could figure everything out. Last year I spent numerous hours trying to get the software to work. (I have no problems with the controller. I think the problem is that my audio and sequences are not located in the proper location on my computer. Nevertheless, I have spent the past week trying to figure this out to no avail.. I have tried desperately to reach the company but no one answers. I am very very frustrated and really need a call to help me. PLEASE PLEASE someone call John at 815-236-3700.

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Do you know where the sequence files are currently stored on your computer? For example, can you get to them using Windows Explorer?

If so, you should be able to get to them through the Sequence Editor as well - when you do a File / Open, the file browsing dialog that opens up should allow you to navigate to different directories on your computer. However, for the long term, it might be easier to use Windows Explorer to move them into the directory that the Sequence Editor looks in by default. You can figure out what that directory is by running the LOR Diagnostic tool, and looking at what it says for "NonAudioPath" (which should be near the top of its output).

If you don't know where the sequence files are currently stored on your computer, the first thing I'd try is doing a File / Open, and then going to the "Recent Sequnce" tab. They might be listed there. If not, I would try using Windows search to try to find *.lms or *.las files (these are the two possible extensions for sequence files).

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