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Static Displays paused?


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Hi all.

I have it a lot for years but most of my pop has been nice displays themed out. I have added 5 20 amp receptacles over the years around the front. Plus the standard house front.

I bought 32 channels and pre done music from LOR. So there 48 channel sequences I'm only using the first 32.

So I run it last night tested and realized that bit would look better if I could shut the displays down while the light show runs with music. Now understand...my displays are NICE. But bright. So I had this bright idea. Couldn't I add controllers that simply ran non blinky in the sequence but then lit continuously at the end of the show? But here's one of the issues. The pre made sequences are 48 channel and I bought the non modified. So adding one controller daisy chained will just throw those displays on channel 33-48 right. Soooo.

Do I add 3 controllers, and have the third one just " next years investment" and then slave the last two on displays?

Or am I just a completely noob and I'm missing something hardware/software wise?



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If you don't add controller #3, then the pre-made sequences won't be interfering with things.

The sequences from LOR are set up with Unit 01, Unit 02, and Unit 03, channels 1-16. Thus if your 3(?) new controllers use any other Unit ID, then they won't interfere with the pre-made sequences.

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That's right! Perfect Don. So basically I could assign the display controllers as say 4 and 5. Even if I just bought 2 now to drive the displays.

Ok. Thanks!

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