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need method to sequence CCB100 in place of 3 color exisitng channels


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I want to start into the RGB world by first replacing my gutter/roof line with a CCB100. The existing setup uses 3 channels (red, green,white) on the left half and 3 more on the right. I plan on replacing them with one CCB. The existing c7s are faded and need replacing so it seemed like a good starting place.

It seems like the easiest method would be to import the existing lms data into SSE so that existing timings could be referenced but that sounds like its a year away at least.

I'm thinking I'm going the have to just manually write down the timings and then work in SSE. The first challenge I find in SSE is how to setup for a CCB with 2 strings. I will be using it with one string reversed so that I have 1-100 left to right. I only see setup for 50 blubs.

Can someone point me to what I might be missing? Am I making this harder than it need be? I only want to duplicate the exisitng simple faded, shimmers and twinkles with the 3 colors. Is there color functionality in the regular sequence editor for some of this that I'm missing?

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First, when you added the CCB device, you have to select 2-string setup, by default it selects 1-string.

Second, since I had alot of sequences that already had 3 channels of roof lights like you have, Red, blue and green. I did the following for a quick switch over to my new CCB strings.

Copy the Red roof line sequence to the first pixel of the CCB into the Red row,

Copy the green roof line sequence into the second pixel of the CCB in to the Green row and then

copy the blue roof line sequcne into the third pixes of the CCB in the Blue row

Then copy the first three pixels all the way down to the bottom of your ccb's (i have 400).

This way every thrird bulb is running your sequence from last year.

I went back and added some chases and color changes, but this gave me a fast way to copy all the sequences over that I had already done.

hope this helps.

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Thanks. That's a great way to get them going quick and dirty. I can now take some time to think about what I want to do to more fully utilize their capabilities without feeling like I already spent a ton of time on them. I was thinking that I wanted to do something like that but in SSE which isn't available yet.

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Try this one. make sure the paste is set to background).

open the cb100 to see the individule R/G/B channels..

Copy your original white to each of the three R, G & B channels (since 100% R+G+ blue = White).

Copy the original red and past to the Red channels only

Copy the original Green and past to the Green channels only.

With paste to background past on it will not overwrite an existing channel color.

You will now have your RHG set to the same colors as the original 3 colors (as long as you did not have any two colors in the original on at the same time in the same possition.

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