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words of advice..

big joe

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Big Joe here..., some words of advice that i wished i would have followed....... DO NOT TAPE CONNECTIONS WITH ELECTRICAL TAPE.

Found out the hard way.

Last night while running some tests, noticed that a string of c-6 's, was bearly working.

First checked to make sure it was pulged in , then noticed alot of condensation in the wrapping of the tape.

Opened the fuse cover and both fuses were wet. Dried them off and replaced with new and all is good now.

Then went and untaped all connections in the whole display.

The idea is once water gets in, it can't get out. Much beatter to do it now the -20 degrees out .

Also noticed some channels were flickering alittle but i think that might be because i'am running some at on 20 % power, and the load is

so small that it is not reconizing that it is on..., we'll see about that as i go..... BigJoe out.

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