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CCF how do you program them and where?

Denise Nelson

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We have two of the Cosmic Color Floods that we purchased earlier this year. I need to know exactly how to program them into out show. We have the 1602MP3 controller plus 9 - 1600W controllers. We have the Advanced license with SuperStar and the most current v. 3.8.0. I use the Simple Show Builder.

I have them placed in the Visualizer as "flood" lights and configured as follows:

Level: 1(background)

Channel Type: Normal

Assigned Channel > Device LOR > Net/Iniv: Regular

I have not yet connected to my PC to give it a unit number via the Hardware program because I need to know all the steps to do it. ( I know how to do the regular controllers).

How do you control their colors

How do you daisychain to the rest; are there special things you have to do the program?

How to program it - EVERYWHERE!!

Please, if someone out there has used them and know how-to do it all for CCF (floods, NOT ribbons), please help me before they take me away in a straight jacket... :blink:

Your help will be greatly appreciated!! :wub:



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When I bought my two head CCF's it came with a manual that answered all the questions you asked. I'm not at home so I don't have it handy to answer your questions. I do remember that you set the ID via the hardware utility like any other controller. The channel numbers control the colors. I'll dig out the manual and list the channel numbers for you. If you CCF'S didn't come with a manual I would contact LOR and ask them to send you one. I find them to be a valuable reference.

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