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DMX Setup Problems?


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I have the S3 Advanced license that supports the Native DMX. Im using a LOR RS485 to USB adapter with the LOR RJ45 to XLR Female plug in order to adapt to some DMX 4 channel dimmer packs. I have done tons of looking on google and the LOR manuals to figure out how to integrate the DMX controls into S3 and Ive gotten almost everything but the box does not operate at all...

I may have done it wrong but heres what ive attempted to do:

- Configure the adapter in the Network Preferences

- Create some channels with addresses matching the box

Im probably missing some steps or just doing something completely wrong...

I apologize if this was already asked by someone else... Hopefully someone can point me in some direction...

I know the adapter is working because I tried it using a LOR CTB16 and it works so I know the adapter is working.

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Make sure that the LOR console is running. It is required even if you are sequencing. If that doesn't work, double check that your DMX addressing matches your dimmer packs. Make sure that the LOR console is running. Also reload the console anytime you change the DMX adapter in network preferences.

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