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Onumen DMX-ws2801 Ray Wu


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Wondering if anyone else has one of these they have gotten to work.

I had one lying around from last season, ordered some ws2801 pixels and not having much luck with it yet.

But to be fair, I have no idea if its the pixels, or the driver.

I also have no pin outs for the pixels ( although they also came from ray) I really wish he would at least post the info in the product description.

The box just says "onumen" on it.

XLR's on one side, and the female end of a quick disconnect terminal block on the other.

I found makring for SDA, CLK and GRND ( and also one for LT ???)

I have tried SDA and CLK in every order I can, but no luck on the pixel side yet.

Im not even sending it DMX yet. It has a switch marked "FUN" and I know from using one of the other boxes, that FUN mode will sequence thru all nodes all colors

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