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ShowTime Director to CDB16PC to DMX? Confused?


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I have the showtime standalone MP3 to four CDB16PC controllers, I am running Ver. 3.08 S3 Software Suite advanced, I am wanting to add Hoilday Coros DMX floods to this setup, what all do I need to make the floods work?

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Check out http://www.sandevices.com/ELORinfo.html - This is the ELOR.. its a bridge to DMX.

I'm not 100%, but since your feeding from the Standalone MP3 this would probably suit your needs in that it would bridge LOR to DMX.

(Side note: I love your avitar... I used to fly a lot of RC... was once the VP for the Tri-County Barnstormers (out of New Waverly) ...

Hope this helps..


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