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Hi all,

It's been an eventful 4 weeks since I downloaded the LOR software for the first time. I received my 16-channel controller about 2 weeks ago, and just completed my 26th full song sequence. Whew! It's been challenging and an absolute blast! My roof lights have been hung by the chimney with care, in hopes....wait, wrong story. Ahem...The roof lights, both levels, are up (channels 1 thru 4) and I start putting up the rest of the lights as soon as the weather cuts me a break.

Now that I have my sequences complete, I thought it time to put together my shows and see how they fit together in the scheduler. My plan is to run shows starting on the hour from 6pm to 9pm each night (10pm on weekends, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years, 11pm on New Year's Eve with a short "midnight" show).

Adding the musical sequences to a show is simple enough, but then I hit that question so many others have hit: if I want to run a show once, without it restarting, beginning at a specific time, with "fill" time (lights on, no music), how was I going to do that? I looked for an expected "run show only once" button, but did not find it. (Huh???) I then hit these here yonder forums and found it did not exist. I have read the various suggestions, and settled on the one that I think will work the best for me, most likely because I have only worked with musical sequences so far and have not tried to tackle animation sequences yet - perhaps if I do, this solution will change.

I'm going with the option of creating a "silent sequence", with the length changed to fill exactly the amount of time to fill the hour. But then I was faced with the daunting task of trying to calculate all the sequence times. So I created an excel file that has made this extremely simple. It will let you list out your sequences, as well as create your shows. It will show you total show length, allow you to enter any delay between sequences, and most importantly, will let you set the total length of the show (one hour, for example), then it will subtract to total length of the show and tell you exactly how long to the hundredth of a second you need to create the "silent" sequence.

Here is a screenshot of the file:


I have attached the file to this post. Simply download and change the extension from .txt to .xls (it was created as an .xlsx file, but for compatibility I saved to the more common .xls excel 97-2003 format).

I left the file open for editing so you can see the formulas and formatting I used. With that said, it's real easy to mess them up, so be sure to save a master copy somewhere and be sure to save your work before moving things around. (Also note, after taking the above screenshot, I corrected an issue with the total delay calculation. I thought I was being smart by deleting the delay "after" the final song. But I forgot that, once you created and added the "silent" sequence, that final delay is added back in. So I corrected that, and now the delay between the last sequence in the show and the "silent" sequence is accounted for and the silent sequence time is correct.)

Questions or comments on the file, please let me know. I hope someone finds it useful. I'm sure some of the veterans here may have better suggestions for how to make what I'm trying to do much easier, and I look forward to reading those replies and learning from them. I also hope, even with those nuggets of wisdom, this file might still be helpful if for nothing more than a quick way to keep track of your sequences.


Sequence Blank.txt

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At the end of a show the following will happen:

  • Musical Sequence - Song will finish playing. Items in the Shutdown Tab will then begin.
  • Animation Sequence - Will stop instantly.

Thus if you have 20m 45s worth of music you want to run once an hour you would simply need to:

  • Add the musical sequences to the Musical Tab.
  • Still in the Musical Tab - Add an animation sequence that is at least 39m 45s long. It can be longer, and in fact probably should be. Note: You could also make 15m animation sequences as well, and add those in there, instead of one long sequence.

Now it's just a matter of scheduling the same show to run each hour. At the end of the hour the currently playing animation sequence will stop, and the next show (which is the same as the first, just scheduled to run again) starts.

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In many cases, the "Startup" section of the show can be used to easily make a show in which each song plays once and only once.

Except when, like me, you only have the Basic Plus license, which doesn't offer Startup, Background or Shutdown sequences in a show.
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@Mark... thank you for allowing the download of your file, I can really use this!!!

But I am also running into an issue... I am trying to get the "actual length" of my show set properly, so that my closing show will play when my show is done, but herein lies the problem, my show length varies. I will use just one song (in my show) for example, (but have the same issue with many of my show songs)

The Entertainer

MP3 length= 4:23

Seq. Editor length= 4:22:58

Show Log length= 4:27 to 4:28

I know we're not talking about much of a difference here, but it does affect the "actual end time" of my show, and that in turn, affects the actual time of my closing show. If my show time goes beyond the "scheduled" closing show time, the closing show won't play. It's an issue I struggle with every season. But back to my question... how can the song length vary and which timing am I suppose to use?

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Except when, like me, you only have the Basic Plus license, which doesn't offer Startup, Background or Shutdown sequences in a show.

There's an easy solution for that. ;) Go to store.lightorama.com/s2soup.html. Select the upgrade you need, Add to card, Enter credit card. Problem solved! :)

Show Log length= 4:27 to 4:28

... how can the song length vary and which timing am I suppose to use?

Add a "buffer." If the show will end between 4:27 and 4:28, then schedule the next show to start at 4:26 and end at 4:30. If the pattern repeats, then schedule a show without music that ends exactly on the hour.

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