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Hope someone can help. I have two LOR1502MP3 controllers connected to a DC-MP3 director with CAT5 cable. Green P light is steady on, fully lit. in the controllers a red status lights blinks steady. When the card is inserted nothing happens. Pushing reset button with SD card out, runs through sequence of lights then green power light stays on, insert SD card nothing happens. Have one song and sequence on card - files are visible, song works. Any suggestions.

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When you say you have one song and sequence on the card, did you use the Simple Show Builder, or Hardware Utility to create those files, or did you just copy them onto the card?

If you just copied them onto the card, this is the problem. You need to use the Simple Show Builder or Hardware Utility to build shows for the 1602MP3

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Also need to make sure the show has a scheduled time...the simple show builder allows you to schedule days and times, and if you try to run your show prior to the scheduled time, nothing will happen. You'll see a "tri-9" or similar message on the MP3 director's display instead, unless you build shows with the hardware utility...

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