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Assimilating Files with Different Timings


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All of my current sequences use a straight 0.04 timing. I bought some sequences (for the singing trees) and want to copy/paste the seqencing into my current files. They are all in a 0.05 timing format.

I'd like to avoid using tracks, so is there a way to convert the tree files and get them into a 0.04 format so I can just drop them in my current files?

My thought is to add the new channels into the current file, rework the tree file so the seqence stays but the timing marks are at 0.04, then I'd copy the lines and paste into my current file. Does this make sense?

Thank you :)


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You could use the paste by time option. The lighting events in the sequence you purchased don't care what timing grid is used by the sequence editor. If you use the paste by time option, the events will occur precisely where they were intended. They won't line up with your lines, but who cares - the lights will still light when they're supposed to.

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