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VGA adaptor for using a projector


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I am adding a projector this year and was having a bit of trouble getting it all connected up and working. I found this great adaptor on Monoprice that works great! It is USB powered and connects to the VGA output of your PC and has three outputs (VGA,S-vid, Comp RCA) which can all be used at the same time. In my situation, I have the projector connected upstairs by a 50' S-video cable and I can't see it running from the downstairs garage. I am going to connect a seperate monitor to the adaptor at the "control center" where I can monitor the video output. Even if you don't use that feature it does make connecting the projector really easy.


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I have used the adapter. works good. lessens the quality a tiny bit though.

Definitely, if you're using Composite or S-video. I'm using Composite, because with my old projector that was the only option. My new one will do HDMI but I haven' sprung for a new 50' cable yet. But many of my videos are ripped off of youtube (at least partially) anyway, which isn't exactly stellar quality. Plus when you're watching the screen from the street, possibly in a snowstorm, quality isn't that important :)

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