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my first try

john fulkerson

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tried my ccr tree for first time and it crashed got colors coming from nowhere tried a bought sequence from superstar and colors just come from everywhere i checked my network config is good my channels are right guess i have to do more research i cant even get the last 3 ccr's to work the box is on and steady red but no action checked my cat 5 cables just loss

have it set up like this 1-6 ccr on regular network 7-0c on aux a just tried 1 sequence with nothing else in there but this and still no go

oh well back to drawing board

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great news ive readjusted everything my ccr's were set to legacy and also were set to play upside down i recalculated everything i played a sequence and it was amazing everything was in time and on key looks so kool thanks to all for the help JOHN

am still working on awesome graphics for some songs hope i get it done in time LOL

thanks steve for input

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