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Changing radio Frequency!

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Well we have a new country radio station in our town now... Their FM frequency is 92.7. The frequency I had been using for the past three years is 93.9. When checking on the clarity of my frequency today I found out that they are drifting very loudly through my frequency too...

Guess I will just have to change to a new frequency, my sign, my web site, my voice spots, and my FB page....

As if I didn't have anything else to do before light up...

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If they are drifting that far off their frequency I do believe that is a major FCC violation, especially for a "commercial" station.

I hate to say it, but maybe its time for some black vans in the area.

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Is the transmitter just down the street a few blocks? I would give them a call and explain what you are experiencing. They might not be aware that they are having problems. If all fails, then the black vans. Although be prepared to answer a few questions yourself. I am sure that the men in black are going to be interested in what you are running too. Two birds for the price of one road trip.

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Make sure you try a few different radios to tune in your station. I've had some pretty crappy radios over the years that have tuned in lots of double and triplicate stations only to find other radios don't. Worth a shot...

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got an email this morning.

"Mr. Chase,

I'm Chuck Contreras, president and owner of KKYT 93.7 FM. Thank you for taking time to notify us of this situation. Eric Kauffman our General Manager forwarded your concerns so I want to assure you that we really appreciate the fact that you've taken time out to let us know your experience with our signal.

Just to keep you in the loop here's the latest. We have received a number of complaints about our signal being stepped on and or hearing "Spanish music" starting around the 200 block of North China Lake Blvd up to around East Inyokern Blvd near the base. This event started around Halloween. Eric drove up near the Home Depot yesterday and we turned our carrier (93.7 MHz) off. That's when we discovered a Spanish language format on our frequency. When we turn our station back on and drive we hear "picket fencing" and heterodyning.

We scanned the FM dial for the same music and it's seems to be coming from 92.7 MHz and that's KZIQ. After further investigation 92.7 FM appears to be simulcasting 104.9 FM. KZIQ just recently filed a petition to resume full service back on October 21st with the FCC. I called the field office for the FCC in Los Angeles today about the issue. I can forward you a copy of our email as well. I spoke with the enforcement division today and complained about the signal interfering with KKYT and there was no current studio and or contact information for KZIQ.

It's clear that KZIQ is having problems and a number of harmonics are being generated by the stations equipment. The problem is that we can't seem to find the point of origin. We suspect it maybe somewhere around the 200 block of North China Lake Blvd but we can't be sure. KZIQ's transmitter site is located near the fair grounds and our station is located at 121 W. Ridgecrest Blvd near City Hall.

Seems to me that an exciter or the main transmitter itself has become rich in harmonics like every 10.7 mhz or more. If you wish I can pass your concerns to the FCC. Just let me know.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at xxx


Chuck Contreras"

I replied back to him that I was unwilling to have the FCC called in for a legal radio station that is having technical issues. I always believe in giving someone a chance to correct a problem. The Spanish music station is another issue.

Honestly though, I don't want the black vans roaming around our area this season. There are four (4) of us in my town that are running a computer controlled display and broadcast to the public outside. Three of us are complient with the FCC (usually). One guy is NOT! I'd hate to get him slapped down by this.

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Black vans EVIL....ahhhhhh stay away you evil black vans.

I have a church of some sort that is now using our radio frequency but when i tune in it is very faint and alot of static. their signal is very weak. So i am not going to change my frequency since you cant really pick up that church sermon here anyway. I think it is a church that is broadcasting their sermons and have them on repeat all day.

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