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wheres the best place to find lor sequences?


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Dean Taunton has historically been extremely generous with his sequences. You can find them here: http://www.tauntonstales.com/sequences2011.htm I used several in past years as I was getting my feet wet in this hobby/addiction.

Remember that when you're using a pre-done sequence you need to find the EXACT track that it was done for. That's not always easy. Taunton says which he uses but there are a few obscure ones that I wasn't able to find on iTunes or Amazon.

The nice thing about his sequences -- and the curse! -- is that he uses so many channels. That means you have a lot of freedom to pick and choose which channels will give the best results for your display. The curse is that you sometimes have trouble making up your mind. LOL

Also, don't forget that Light-O-Rama now has a sequence store. http://sequences.lightorama.com/ They're not cheap but they're designed to be easily compatible with just about anyone's layout, and they have links to where you can buy the needed music tracks.

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