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Rats and Mini Tree's---- Not a good mixture


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Stupid rats got in my Christmas storage shed and ate the strings on 42 mini trees.

I had no idea they would eat the wire, and I don't mean chew through it... I mean they ate sections of it.

For some reason red and green seem to be the favorite over white and blue.

At least I will have about 8,000 extra bulbs in addition to the 2000 packs that came with the lights.

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Hopefully all my tree rats are gone. Relocated one yesterday. My backyard neighbor has seen a rabbit in their yard, hope it finds my live trap! Trying to get rid of the varmits early for hopefully a trouble free season.

120 minis?! Really, you have too much time on your hands! :P

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Well they weren't all done by me. We sponsor a school for mentally and physically disabled kids that has a job training program. They needed some projects that teach the kids job skills and ask if they could build some mini tree's for me.

We supplied the tomato cages, lights and zip tires and donated $5 per tree.

I only needed 24, but the teacher said the kids really enjoyed building them so we kept sending them supplies.

By the end of the semester the tree's had filled my garage, living room, spare bedroom and patio so I had to stop.

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