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Issues with my LOR Controller


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Hello everyone I hope someone can help me. I have 20 LOR controllers. The problem I have is when the show runs Controller 1 - 5 works great but controller 6-20 do not work. When I run a refresher of the system it only shows controller 1 -5. I have programed 6 - 20 controllers which to me does not make sense. It seems that the signa

l from controller 5 does not transmit or controller 6 does not receive. When I reprogrammed controller 6 and 5 and turn the channels on the respective controllers they work. However as I indicated when I refresh the system it only shows 5 controllers. I replaced the fusses in controller 5 and 6 I also replaced the erthernet from controller 5 to 6. Am I missing something?

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