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CUSTOM "Pre-Show" audio/voice-overs for your Christmas show!


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Hey gang!

I'm offering custom "Pre-Show" audio/voice-overs to be used between shows for your Christmas display. Got a fund-raiser going you want visitors to know about? Want an Elf to share some fun facts about your display? Need Santa to direct traffic a little? Whatever you want to say, it's all up to you! All YOU need to do is supply me with the basic script you want, and I'll do the rest.

Here's what you get in your 5-minute "Pre-Show" audio segment:

Your choice of one of two popular instrumental songs ("Hallelujah Chorus" by Mannheim Steamroller, OR "We Three Kings" by Harry Connick Jr.),

Your choice of one of two voices... Buddy the Elf OR Santa.

MP3 and WAV version, BOTH of which can be used in LOR!

The cost is only $50 per 5-minute segment.

A lot goes into making these "Pre-Show" segments, and I make sure it sounds just right and is fun. Use it as an audio file in LOR for a "rest" song between shows! Your visitors will LOVE it!

I chose to do this as a 5-minute segment to help with traffic flow. It gives people time to leave after the show they just watched, and time for the new visitors to find a place to park before the next show starts. Any longer, and people will get impatient and leave before the next show starts. Any shorter, and people will just stick around to wait for the next show and NOT leave making new visitors frustrated.

Here's a couple of videos of the "Pre-Show Audio" for my show. The voice-overs are the same, but the instrumental tracks are different.

Version 1 with "Hallelujah Chorus" by Mannheim Steamroller.

Version 2 with "We Three Kings" by Harry Connick Jr.

Email me at royalgardens@ymail.com to discuss the details!


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You have a license to sell the musical tracks under your voice-overs, right?

If they don't want to use the songs I have, the customer can send me any instrumental Christmas song they want and I will edit it in the "Pre-Show" for them. Just forgot to mention that!

And since I can't edit my post (unlike nearly every other forum out there) I'm forced to mention it AFTER the fact, instead of modifying my original post to reflect the CORRECT info! VERY frustrating!

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