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First LOR Halloween Display


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This was my first year attempting a LOR show. I also decided to build a yard haunt in the yard to accompany the light show. Here are a couple of the songs we did. We did 22 songs in all this year. We didn't utilize the singing faces because I wanted to make them actual characters in the yard haunt and time and money did not permit. Next year I will have a couple I promise. Anyway I'm anxious to see what you guys think. Any ideas on how to improve would be greatly appreciated.

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Very Impressive work! B)

I love your columns!

You did a great job with your lighting and sequencing!

Very impressed with your camera editing too!

(I use to come to Niceville FL every year to see my cousins. Oh.. the early 80's were quite fun there!)

Great job on your Halloween light show!

Edited by Tracy West
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