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PSY Gangman Style to "Christmas Style" New Lyrics need help


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I've spent a few hours tonight trying to make my own version of the PSY Gangman Style song with new lyrics. I thought it would be easy, but realize I need help from someone with better skills (and voice) than myself. I thought others may like to use this song in their show if I can get the quality up (Alot). Can anyone here tell me where I should ask / go for help? I want something that sounds professional and nice or I won't put it in my light show. It's terrible, but here is what I have so far:


Here are the silly lyrics I have come up with: You probably have to read them along while listening to the song on youtube:

Yeah It's christmas Time

Christmas Time

It's Christmas Time

And it's time to put my lights out,

It's lotsa work but I have to get all my lights up.

have to check em all to make sure that they all work

If they don't, Trash, In the junkyard.

Lights are everywhere,

I'll put my lights up anywhere,

Light are everywhere

On the Lawn & In the Air - I'll put them everywhere.

Arches Windows Door I Hang Lights everywhere and Simply Do not Care.

Christmas lights shows are so hard to make beautiful,


Yeah you don't know,


These Light Shows They Take so much Work,

You Don't know,


You Don't Know


It's like an addiction, I just can't stop, no I can't cant cant

Program all night long

All for Christmas Time

Yes it's christmas time.

Op, Op Op Oppa christmas time.

Hey I like to flash lights

Op Op OP Oppa Christmas Time.

Heeeeyyy I like to flash lights

Op OP Op Oppa


Jaim Wolfe

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For some reason my browser (Google Chrome) somehow posted this same thing 5 or 6 times (It never popped up and told me it was posted). I can't figure out how to remove the extras. Sorry for the mess.

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