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I have multiple places where I have words scrolling one direction or the other. The bottom half of my 12 CCr horizontal grid is slower (behind approx 1 pixel) forom the top half. I am using 2 networks. Both have cat6 cable only 50 feet from computer to ccr's. Also I am LOR USB485-ISO on both networks. ANy ideas.

Thanks in advance

Don C

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Yes, I have observed the same thing on my CCRs as well. The data on one of the networks is getting there a bit faster than the other. I don't know of anything to solve the problem.

Scrolling the text slowly and using red for the text color will help.

Scrolling text in a marquee fashion is a common thing to want to do, but if you notice I seldom do it in my sequences. It looks better to place the words one at a time on the ribbons, or to scroll the text vertically, or to use "stop at edge" because then you can scroll quickly and have it stop at the edge and your eye doesn't care that it couldn't read the text while it was moving because you could read it after it stopped.

-Brian Bruderer

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Thanks Brian, It looked good in the Superstar editor. When out on the grid it is bad. So I went and changed to single words or vertical scroll. Thanks for the advise although. What is stop at edge I haven't seen that.

Thanks again Don C.

Hey by the way are you planning on doing any more songs in the format I am using or just the tree version

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In the Text dialog box, sort of in the lower right is a checkbox for "Stop At Edge". If you choose a direction, and have "Stop At Edge" selected the text will move in that direction and stop at the edge.

I do not plan to do any more sequences for a horizontal matrix this year. However, the "Hallelujah Chorus" sequence that I just finished looks pretty good on a horizontal matrix. I just tried it. I did realize that I should rotate all the text 180 degrees so it would appear right side up if viewed horizontally. It's not that way in the youtube video but will be that way in the finished version.

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