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Looking for Advice (or an accomplice..)


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Okay, here is my story. Last minute addition to the display. 8 North Poles topped with the HolidayCoro North Pole RGB/DMX topper kit. Sold momma on it, ordered it, built it and tested it. Now the rub... I knew the HC dongle was for programming and that it may or may not work in a show but I paid my $$ and took my chances... results?? works great in xLights but I have the same issues that have been discussed here alerady. If I run ONE device.. runs fine in LOR, connect more than one .. and the +1 channel issue pops up ...

So .. now the issue. I need to get DMX output. Here is my take so far..

Entec Open - USB/Serial device to 1 Universe. Very poular and 50 to 80 bucks. Supported by LOR

J1Sys ECG-P2 - E1.31 interface and 2 universes, 70 to 80 bucks, Supported by LOR??????

SanDevices E682 - E1.31 and 6 Universes. Mainly a pixel controller but can be allocated to output a

DMX universe for non pixel devices, $109 as a kit, 180 ready to go. Supported by LOR????

I've seen something about DMXKing but dont know anything about it ...

So many choices, so little time... Yes .. I want to do pixels next year, BUT I also have several other ideas for basic DMX ..

Considering availablity, time left till lights on and basic (not so much future needs) any suggestions on which way to jump...

I've talked to David over at HolidayCoro .. so I have one already .. I like the idea of the DMX over ethernet... but I dont know that either one is a deal breaker over the other..

I need help (read as guidance) as quick as I can...

I appeciate any and all opinions ..


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USB RS485 from LOR. Runs 1 DMX Universe. $30. Definitely supported


If you go Entec, I would bite the bullet and go Pro. It will offload a lot of processing from S3.

I would definately have to buy a new LOR dongle.. considering the one I have is the one I got with my LOR 1.x software purchase.. (Serial to RS485) ...

If I went the LOR route, would everything then have to run DMX (10 controllers + DMX addition)? Or would I run BOTH LOR dongles and run LOR off the Serial/RS485 and DMX off the new usb/RS485?

I know about the cross over cable issue.. what else would I need know/do ..

Also .. can you direct me to the docs on running LOR via DMX (LOR DMX mode)



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Your choice really goes down to what you see yourself doing in the future and your budget.

If you plan on using lots of pixels and going down the e1.31 path in the future then the ECG-D2 would be your best option and because LOR supports E1.31 then any of the E1.31 controllers will work because E1.31 is a defined standard.

If you just want to run some basic DMX lighting and know that you will have spare capacity for next year then the LOR dongle would be your best choice.

Just my thoughts, others may have a different opinion.

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You COULD run all your LOR controllers in DMX mode and only need 1 adapter (as long as you were under 512 channels). But remember, in DMX mode you lose the cool features of the hardware (Like Twinkles).

OR you could run 2 adapters: 1 for an LOR network, another for a DMX network.

Running the controllers in DMX mode is easy. Configure whatever adapter you end up with to use DMX. Start up the Control Panel (which will load the DMX listener), and turn on your controllers. They will see they are connected to a DMX network and will automagically put themselves in DMX mode.

The help files are all online. Start here :


Most important: You need the ADVANCED license to use native DMX.

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Sorry.. In my initial post I referred to the J1Sys device as the ECG-P2 (There is one, a pixel controller, but not what i want to use). As Eddy mentioned it would be the ECG-D2.

My bad ..

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