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I had a few questions for you guys that use your ccrs especially in the form of a tree. I will be using mine in a 6 ccr config for a tree. I am really not into having the rest of my house be synced to the music and will prob end up just throwing down the old incandescent like i have in the past. I want my 6 ccr tree to stand out!

here are my question,

is your tree running only during the slotted times of your shows?

When your show is not going on is your tree then dark or do you have it on running constantly without the music? Or do you just leave it on a single color or fade to diff color every 30 min etc?

If you do leave them on what is the hour ratings about for ccrs? do they burn out easily after a lot of use?

i would hate to have my tree just sitting there black for the 3 hours i would keep my other lights on, although since this is my first year at my new house with a very bright blinking tree i could imagine the neighbors may be wondering what the heck is going on


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I don't think you will have any problems with your tree standing out. The LED's on the ribbon are very bright!

I have my tree sequenced with every song. When the show shuts down at 11pm, I have a anaimation sequence called "keep-warm" running. All the lights are either on at 10-50% or running a simple animation throughout the night. I have the CCR tree mostly green at 25% intensity with the star on and a few lights twinkling for effect. My show is on the main highway through town and is seen all night long.

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Thanks frank,

Just didnt want have my tree on and burn out due to over usage since i have read the ccr can be fragile in different ways...

Pretty excited to try it out this year and see how it goes with the neighbors somi can guage how big i can go the following years


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