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Confused - placement of ribbons vs Superstar display


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I'm pretty new to Superstar. I purchased 4 CCR's and I'm attempting to create sequences for them to go with my existing sequences.

I plan to use the CCR's as arches.

When I set it up in Superstar. I get a horizontal grid for programming the morphs, scenes etc... and four arches - two on the top and two underneath.

I was expecting the first line on the grid to control the upper left arch on the screen, the second the upper right, 3rd lower left, and 4th, lower right. But it seems to be just the opposite.

I have set up an aux network for the ribbons, and plan to assign the controllers addresses 01-04.

Is there a way to make the arches on the screen layout the way I described?

How will this export? Top grid line = which ribbon controllers, second grid line = which ribbon controller etc....?



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First, please make sure you have the latest version which is v3.8.0. If you don't, go to the LOR software download page and download v3.8.0

SuperStar has two modes, CCR mode and Visualization mode. In CCR mode it is very quick to select "arches" and number of ribbons as 4, but the layout is fixed and you cannot change which CCR is assigned to which seqeuncing row.

In Visualization mode, you have maximum flexibility, because you can layout things any way you want in the Visualizer. So you get maximum flexibility but it takes some time to set things up in the Visualizer. In your case it would be worthwhile to draw your 4 CCR arches in the Visualizer and then in SuperStar, click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization." In the "Import Visualization" dialog box set the sequencing grid "Max length" to 200. That way, if your 4 arches are end to end, they will all fit on one sequencing row and it makes it easy to do morphs along the entire length of the 4 CCRs.

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