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Enttec pro does not work

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Hallo everybody

I am new in LOR and want to do all my lights with dmx.

I bought a Enttec USB Pro interface and i think i do all like its here postet in the forum or shown on videos.

but it does not work :-(

i connect my pc with an usb cable to the enttec and from there with a five pin xlr to my controllers.

In the network prefrences in LOR there is shown the enttec adapter and the enttec dmx pro protocol

the com listener is running and connection is accepted

with the Enttec test program its possible to control my lights , but with LOR s3 its not

i dont know whats to do that it will work

i hope anyone can give me help

best wishes from Austria


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This is happening with my setup as well. I've checked everything but I must be overlooking something. I can control my DMX flood lights with the Enttec Pro test utility. From LOR S3, the lights do nothing.

This is my first go-around with DMX -- is there a simple punchlist of config to verify?

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Post your network configurations for both the LOR and DMX settings.

LOR: CTB16-PC, connected over COM5 (using USB485 adapter)

DMX: adapter EN118359, with ENTTEC DMX USB Pro protocol (using Enttec DMX USB Pro)

DMX adapter is connected over USB, with 5-pin XLR to RJ45 CAT5 adapter connected to RGB flood lights. Using the test utility that comes with the DMX controller, I can independently control the RGB flood lights as expected.

In LOR S3, LOR network is identified as COM5 and DMX Universe is enabled as Universe 1. DMX listener port set to 8837.

Opening the LOR control panel, LOR starts listening on port 8837 and the EN118359 adapter is identified and opened.

Controlling the lights and running from LOR S3......nothing. :-(

Thanks for the help.

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Ok....now it works.

Nothing has changed, but I applied several updates to Windows 7.

I would *really* like to know what could have impacted this, because the configuration did not change from what I've described above, and the only changes made here were in updates to the OS.

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I have had similar issues, especially when changing the USB port. Sometimes messing with the LOR network settings and changing the Universe to some other and back helped. I did not have a chance to track it down to a pattern... Can't wait for E1.31 next year...

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I found that if you use the enttec utility to test lights you must unplug the enttec pro and the LOR usb adapter then plug them in again. It appears the the enttec utility does not release the port (?) when you exit the program, and the LOR usb adapter can not connect to the Enttec.

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