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Imagine Your Home As A Ceramic House To Display


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(I've also posted this on the Planet Christmas and DoItYourselfChristmas forums too)

I had read on a post a while back that a forum user won a contest and had a ceramic representation of their house for sale along with all the other company’s houses. Like all of you, I thought my house would win a contest too but there hasn’t been a similar contest since.

I searched the internet for ideas on how to make my own house but the more I read, the more I realized that it was beyond my artistic skill set. My next step was to see if anyone could do it for me. I came across a few sketchy websites but I did find an artist who specializes in scale models of homes, made of fired clay, which can be lit with a bulb inside the house.

I had thought about getting my house done with the Christmas decorations but decided to have it unadorned. I decided I could display it year round as a great conversation piece in my home. I may even drape it with a battery set of Christmas lights at Christmas!

The artist was wonderful to work with. She asked for pictures of my house and asked me a few questions and she went to work. I’ve told her that I was going to mention it to my friends on the forum so let her know Chuck sent you from the LightORama forum. Her name is Toula Prins and her website is www.toulashouseofclay.ca. Her price is set on the complexity of your commissioned work but the price she’s charged me is appropriate to have an artist commissioned to complete a scale model of your specifications that I’ll cherish forever in my home.


..and yes, that tree is from Superstorm Sandy. If it's still here in a few weeks I just may decorate it too!

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(I've also posted this on the LOR forum too)

Wait a minute - I thought this WAS the LOR forum. Don't tell me it's been hijacked...

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