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Sequencing CCB


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Ok i have no idea if this is the correct question but i will be purchasing 3 ccb strings and outlining my house. That will be 900 channels.

I know alot of you sequence the ccr or hundreds of light string or props but does anyone sequence a few strings like the ccbs? I am looking for some cool chase paterns or fades etc to have on my house for the ccb.

I know im late tomthe game thats why im throwing it out there. After looking at the software i think im in for a 3 to 6 month learning curve before i come out blazing.



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Your best bet at this stage in the game is probably to pony up for the 'superstar' add-on for LOR, go with the 4 CCB option. I have the entry level version, (2 ccb) and have been playing with it a bit -> quite nice. But it *will* take some practice to get the look you are going for; good news is it's easy to tweak.

Good luck!!!

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