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you mean mount tiny leds next to each triac so you can see each channel being turned on/off? You could, but it would make each channel a lot dimmer...

ok, I'm jus' kidding..

Yes, you could do that, but why would you want to? The case cover would be closed, so you wouldnt see them anyway..

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that sort of thing, having done bit more reserch i am planing on using neon indicators panel mount on each channel ouput within box. the boxes i am using are metal IP65 lockable cabinets it will hold four controlers along with panel indicators for each channel, Auto switches for stand alone operation, fuses for each channel, fan cooling,and moisture control unit. i find that with channel indicators it makes it easy for fault finding, programing and testing. as i have it with my DMX gear i sort of got used to it.

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