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RGB Lights - One Strand, 3 Colors, 3 Plugs - Are they out there?


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It's very possible this has been answered elsewhere in the forums - I did not find it, so if it has been, if someone could direct me there, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

On my roof, I would like to outline in C7 or C9 LEDs four colors - Red, Green, Blue and White. Actually the layout would be more like this:



Each of these colors would have their own channel.

I had thought about buying these strands next year (already going with a multi + white, 2 channel setup for each roof line this year), then binding them together. However, I am concerned about not only the look, but the cost and maintenance.

Ignoring the whites (a separate strand for them is fine) - I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who made single-strand lights that LOOK like they are a "single strand" of multi-color lights (in RGB order), but at the ends, they have THREE male/female connectors for each color channel? Preferrably LEDs of the "screw in" variety, so they can be maintained easily? I'm better on the software than hardware side, so custom-making these myself is highly unlikely - lack the skills, tools, etc.

Just seems like someone must do something like this, at a reasonable price. Maybe?



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Unfortunately not that I am aware of. Would be nice if there were some out there, but most everyone here takes 2, 3 or 4 {or more} single color strands and ties then together with Zip ties to make what they call a superstrand, which is what you basically describe.

Yes, I too wish a commercial company would do this because then the spacing would be much better and more precise, and would look much better than what mine usually look like {and why I quit trying to even do this} and just use single mulit color strands or single color strands in my displays. After attempting to try and tie more than 2 sets together and make it look anywhwere decent, I got fed up and said to h*ll with doing this. It doesn't really require any special tools to do it, just some zip ties of the correct size to hold the strands together. But like you, I had problems getting it to look right with the spacing, so like stated, said to h*ll with it..

Again, sadly, if you want them, you will have to zip tie up your own and do the best you can with them and the spacing.

Maybe one day some commercial entity will make these type strands that would be woven together, but I haven't seen any in my travels or the websites I've looked at.

Good Luck.

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