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Ghosts n' Stuff by Deadmau5


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Super dooper!!!! Very well done and the time of day with the camera angle really drives it home!!! Congrats!!!! Pat yourself on the back for me please!!!

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love it great work and it looks the part

are the floods and lights in the windows all rgb ??

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The washers are Chinese no-name 36 W RGBs with built in strobes. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! They have 7 DMX channels each. The Windows are seasonal entertainment rainbow floods. I still lke the using incandescent halogens for certain things. I really like the effects you can do on LOR to replicate flickering candles. Thats why the lights for the tombstones are plain old incandescents.

Here's a link to something similar to the wash lights I'm using (although I got mine WAY cheaper)


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