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the newest christmas light show term

the johnny christmas "mini-treemission"

as in an intermission using your mini trees

all it is is something to break up the show using mini trees to keep the traffic going...nothing spectacular just a lil sumptin sumptin to wet the jowels (sp?)

this is the first one i did...first link is the song (right click save as in your audio folder)

this is the sequence...simple yet effective for a show breakup
(again, right click and save in your sequence folder)



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elmochamp wrote:

When I tried to pull it up I did not have any animation?



It was real easy to add the animation. Just pull up the blank animation screen, and pick the channels you want to draw out. I drew 12 minis of the 3 different colors and placed them in sets of 4. Like an upside down "V" with each color stacked on each other. Then just play and see the effect.

Hope that helps,

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I was unable to get the sequence. Anyone have the same problem. Animation, like Tom, I can make. Anyone wanna send this to me or did I do something wrong....again!!!

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