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CTB-32L Controlled Triac Board


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OK. I am waiting for some Money to clear Paypal so I can purchase the CTB-32L, (I think), depending on the answers I get here.

I have already ordered the software with the "usb485" Adaptor and already started creating my sequences. THis will be my first Light show.

So the first question is can I control my show on the CTB-32L board with this adaptor?

Hopefully the answer is yes.

Then what are the dimensions of this board and what clearences do I need so I do not melt it down. (I have a few boxes laying around and will mount it if they are big enough). (In inches please, I am south of the boarder) ;-)

Thank you in advance for all your help


Eric G North Carolina.

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Welcome to the hobby.

The answer to your first question is, "Yes, but ..." You can control a show with the standalone functions of this board, but it would be animation only, no music. If you wanted music with this controller, you would need to use a computer, the mini-director or a showtime director.

The dimensions are on page 40 of the manual. Rather than me trying to post them here, go take a look.

Worth noting this controller is used on the LOR1602W controllers. (If not this exact controller, one just like it. I think some documentation needs to be updated on the site.)

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My question.. Why are you not going with the Residential series (and MUCH less expensive) boards (CMT-16-PC) ? You're spending nearly $250 for a single 16 channel board, when for about the same amount of money, you could get two of the -16PC boards and get 32 channels.. just wondering..

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Thank you Both for your input. Errr captain, I just might do that, I have been tossing this around in my head so that Just might be the way to go.

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