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How do you convince wife that you need more controllers?

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You will get two kind of answers to this one. One funny and one practical.

A lot depends on your financial situation and the kind of relationship you have with your wife.

I have found that if you involve your spouse and really listen to their ideas about your display, that they will be more willing to let you get more of something to enhance your display.

Ask their opinion and impliment some of their ideas and give them credit. My wife helped me with a few fine adjustments on my layout. When I got a compliment I made an effort to give her credit. This gives her ownership and pride.

I hope this helps.

Michael B

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For me I just start to include her in the planning and enlightened her of LOR, then she started to have an option, took her to the TCL workshop. She volunteered to do some sequencing (She only cares how it looks, not how it is done). Then she starts to go, maybe we need a few more channels … Months of hard work and planning pays off.

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Santas Helper wrote:

Convince her?:laughing: It's already a done deal.

"Sorry honey, they were on sale."

She'll understand.


My approach is similar.

I wait for my wife to come home from shopping. When she gets home she always wants to show me everything she bought, I make sure to pay attention and then when she's done I say "I'm glad you bought all that nice stuff for yourself, you deserve it." Then about 5 minutes later I say, I think I am going to order some more LOR's.....

What can she say then???
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johnny christmas wrote:

when i expressed interest in getting another one or two at this sale to my fiancee she told me "its YOUR money do what you want"

god i love her :D

Wives as opposed to fiancee is usually a whole new ballgame when it comes to "its YOUR money do what you want" :shock::(:devil:

I saw this add once of a guy selling his new motorcycle. The add said that the motorcycle had been bought without the consent of his loving wife......went on to say that apparently "do what ever the h-ll you want" didn't mean what he thought it meant.:laughing:
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I show her what I can do, then what I want to do with an estimate of what the controllers will cost (+ 10%). That way, when the order comes through, I can save "Look how much was saved because of [fill in the blank reason]"

I will do this on or near my birthday, Father's day or anniversary.

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i say, woman im buying some controllers! do you have a problem with that?!!

and she says i have the credit cards! then i say please can i buy some controllers?

i really love you. lol. no really just like a few of you i show her my ideas and ask for her thoughts on the display she is generally open to whatever i need to do.

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I just don't spend any money, keep a running tab of all the money she spends and then beg like a whining little brat as soon as the sale starts...

I'm lying through my teeth! She save money all year for me to buy my three shiny new "PC" controller kits!!!

Gosh I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I do all the "work" on the house
Redid all the old wiring
Enclosed the front 6' x 10' porch
Replaced almost all the windows in the house
Cape - dormered the back for a Master bedroom & bath
Added 10' x 10' to the pool cabana
Built a 7' x 10' greenhouse
We couldn't afford to have the house we want if I didn't do the work
We get home at 6pm, I work 2 hours a night on the house - until my son's bedtime
Next weekend they are flying to a friends in Ohio for the weekend
I plan on getting a lot of stuff done that I can't while my son is around

Currently building a 16' x 17' sunroom & 8' wrap-around deck
(oh - & finishing up the above projects)
I broke a rib last year right before I backfilled the garage foundation
I then proceeded to backfill the foundation on a backhoe
She was in the Hospital - birth of our son - saw me walking funny
What did you do? Told her...Did you go to the Doctor? Of course not
About a week after the fall I went in - broken rib
Not really anything they can do (I work in a Hospital)
But I was exhausted (baby) & pain not letting me sleep at all
1st night I slept over 9 hours

The wife is VERY understanding of my Holiday decorating. It's my only "vice" so to speak. I hardly go out & do anything - she is the one that wants to drag me out for a night on the Town :D

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My wife is so cool .. she says "as long as I don't have to listen to Chritsmas music in July you can do what you want" ... that tone is very much different then you do what the H *&^ you want I will make note ....

SO when I want something I unplug my head phones (actually purchsed so she didn't have to listen to Christmas music in July with her blessing) and turn it up a little at a time on the surround sound speakers ..

then after a few hours or few days in July with the Christmas music getting louder by the day ... she yells at me from the other room "GO AHEAD buy what you need .. and PLUG those headphones back in."

She is really cool and lets me do what I think is best, and she has a great landamark when people ask her where she lives or there is idle conversation going on, she says " you know the house with all the christmas lights with 40, or 50 or 70 or 100 thousand lights at Christmas" and rolls her eyes "that is us"

love her to death .. *SMILE*

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My wife pays the electric bill. In 2005 with 18,000 static lights our December bill jumped up $200. In 2006 with 28,000 lights but with 4 controllers our December bill only went up $50 or so.

So by simple math if I buy four more controllers and increase our light count to 45,000 we ought to get money back from Edison this year.

Logic trumps all. :}

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You guys are wimps. Here's what I say to my wife:

"Listen, missy! I'm buying some more LOR controllers. Now, why don't you get your b#$%# a$& back in the kitchen and make me a pie?"

Well, that's what I'm thinking, anyway. What she hears is "Honey, can I buy a few more LOR controllers, please?

And before anyone says I'm violating any PC rules:

1. It's certainly "Christmas Centric" as it's about LOR controllers.

2. It's "Positive" as I'll be getting more LOR controllers.

3. It's "Family Friendly" since pie is good for the whole family.

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