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My First Halloween Show.

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I started the hobby last Christmas with one 16 channel controller.

This year I added another 16 channel controller, built a 12 channel light wheel and a 7 channel singing face.

Made 4 tomb stones and 4 pumpkins on a stick.

I did the singing sequences myself. It was my first attempt and I think they came out pretty good. I know there is still some tweaking I can do, but I was too excited and really wanted to get the show going. Let me know what you all think.

Feed My Frankenstein:

Dead Man's Party:

I still have 2 empty channels with this show. Next year I am hoping to buy another 16 channel controller and add 2 more singing faces.

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Looks really good, and trust me and about everybody else who does this for a hobby, you are never done tweaking a sequence

now, next year you going to add any more controllers?

3 years ago on my Halloween Display I used 1-16 channel LOR controller, I'm now at 64 channels

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Excellent job. Love the light wheel. Can I have your pattern and directions would love to make a couple for next year. Was think of leaping arches but really love the wheel. If you do not mind sending me directions they can be sent to mysorefigtree@comcast.net


I can not take credit for the Light Wheel.

During my internet web search I came across a display from lauderdalechristmas.com and followed some of his pictures to create mine. here is the link that I used.


I hope this will help you in building yours. Mine is very similar, but I did use 2x4's for the legs. I will try to post pictures of mine soon.

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I was trying to post a few pictures of my wheel, but the photo's are too large. Is there anyway to make them smaller?

I think the only option is open them in a photo editor and resize them. I upload my photos to photobucket.com and link to them since the forum limits your total upload space.

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WOW! First Halloween and second show -- very well done!!! I also like the hood you have made over your floods - addresses something I am thinking about in my display.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for the compliment.

The Hood's was something I slap together with scrap 2x4's and left over bead board from redoing our family rooms.

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