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Odd LOR behavior (resolved)

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I am having an issue that I don't quite understand. I
upgrading to LOR 1.6.1 back in November and ran that
version through the Christmas season. I have not used
LOR since January 2nd when I ran my final show. So, I
went to go into LOR "sequence editor" a few minutes
ago to look at some of my sequences and I get a
message "you do not have an appropriate license to use
this functionality". All other parts of LOR function,
harware utility, scheduler, show editor.

So, I went and grabbed 1.6.3 and it tells me that I am
not running a full version so I cannot install it.
Any clues????

WinXP with all of the latest MS security patches.
Really the only changes that I have made on this
machine since X-Mas is microsofts patches and I
removed Norton Internet Security off of my machine.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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There is a fix for it. Somebody else had the same problem...emailed Dan...Dan had their support people do something with you and fixed the problem. Email Dan and I'm sure they will get on it first thing tomorrow morning...as they always do.


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Email support@lightorama.com. Explain the error message that you got. Mention that Don of WonderlandChristmas.com recommended that you get a fresh copy of 1.6.1. You also need the regwipe program to clear your Windows registry of all related LOR remnants.

Please backup your files before you uninstall.

Unless support gives you different instructions ...
1) Uninstall LOR
2) Run the regwipe program.
3) Install 1.6.1

You do not need 1.6.3. Dan has said that 1.6.3 is really a Vista release. There is no need to run 1.6.3 on XP.

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same thing happened to me when i tried to add the software on my new computer i called lor and they gave me a patch with a code number so im sure it i will be the same for u!!!!!!!!!!1

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