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Newbie looking for Halloween Sequences


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First off, I want to say how much I appreciate those of you who share your sequences. I just ordered the whole LOR setup and the pumpkin face from HolidayCoro so buying a bunch of sequences just isn't in my budget right now. I will have 32 channels, and the singing pumpkin face to work with. I have found some other free sequences by googling and following links found on this forum, but I haven't quite been able to get my hands on these. If you can help me out, you will be my halloween heroes! :) Thank you again, so much, everyone. I haven't had the money to get a LOR set up until last week so i know I'm very late in the game. I LOVE decorating for halloween though so I hope I'll have time to get everything set up and looking good. Your help will make a halloween lover VERY happy (and my kids also!) :) If this isn't proper forum etiquette, please let me know. I don't want to be rude or upset anyone.

Here are some songs I would love to have in my display, but can't find - my email is sjmarsha@gmail.com if you have them and don't mind sharing with a total newb!

1. This is Halloween - Manson version

2. Gangnam Style - PSY

3. Black no 1 - Type O Negative

4. Greatest Show Unearthed - Creature Feature

5. Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath

6. Zombie Love Song - Your Favorite Martian

7. Them Bones - Alice in Chains

8. Season of the Witch - Lou Rawls or Donovan

9. Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

10. Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones or a cover

11. Voodoo - Godsmack

12. RE: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulter

13. Witchy Woman - The Hollies

14. Zombie Delight - Buck 65

15. I'm your Boogie Man - KC and the Sunshine Band

16. See you in my nightmares - Kanye West

17. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde

18 Dragula - Rob Zombie

19. Lullaby - Vulture King

20. We Own the Night - 69 Eyes

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do you have the music for these or are you looking for that too. the only one I think I have is This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson.

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I have most of the music, if they match up. I'm willing to pay the $1 if I need to get the music on amazon.com but I don't really know how to adjust the bitrate and what have you. So, I guess if you have it then that would be great but if you don't, I can get it. I need to figure out Audacity!

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I used 16 channels for Gangnam Style. I made my own singing face, so I'm sure you would have to modify it some. It's about 98% complete, but I'm a Newb too, so I'm sure my sequence is not nearly the caliber of others, but you're welcome to it if you'd like. I've received a lot of excellent advice and help here since I joined the madness in July and I'd be happy to pay it forward.

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Thanks. I checked that out soon after I joined and did get some great sequences from it. The ones I listed above are those I didn't find anywhere else.

Thanks, Griswald! I hope to learn all of this stuff so I can give back someday too! :)

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Hey Griiswald! Would you be willing to share your Gangnam Style sequence? i'm a newbie and love that song. I only have Thriller, Purple People eater, Phantom opera, and Monster Masth. I could share those with you if you want.


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Bogiboy, sure no problem. PM me your email address and I'll send it to you. Wouldn't mind Monster Mash if you don't mind swapping!

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