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How will CCP's hold up in weather


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Just curious as to the durability of the CCP's in rainy weather. I hung mine on my gutter this weekend to do a test of my show and was planning on leaving them up thru Halloween. Anyone see any weather issues with this if I leave them exposed (do not have them in any clear tubing). My set is mounted in a way that one set is facing up and the other is facing down.


v-----v-----v----v-----v-- I am worried that water my get into the set that is hanging down. How well are they weatherproofed. Anyone have any thoughts or advice.



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This is the way I did mine and they will be vertical with the actual pixel end pointing up, although this is my first year as anyone else. There are other Nodes like these and other folks have been using them

Take a look at this pic: 318430=17358-pixelmounting.jpg

Just add forums.loghtorama.com to the beginning of the link and paste the whole thing into your browser address line. There are 2 methods to mounting.

Also, there are some good photos in this thread too, which is where the above photo was posted. http://forums.lighto...xels +are +here

Hope this helps,


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CCP's are a new product. Nobody really knows how they'll hold up in practice. We can assume that LOR designed them with the notion that people will be using them outdoors, in varied (and sometimes nasty) weather conditions.

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