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Hello Everyone. Hopefully I can find an easy solution but I doubt it.

I have had my Halloween LOR display for several years now. My old house had no street or pole lamps anywhere near it. I could set my lighting low because he neighborhood was so dark. But now I have bought a new house and there is a pole lamp (city owned) about 50 feet from my display. I am looking for a way to up the intensity on several sequences by maybe 20% or more, to compensate for the street light, with out having to change 10,000's of individual lighting commands. Is there a way to ramp the lights up without going through light command by light command. There are 1000's of lighting changes per sequence. There are very few long steady areas in the sequences. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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I have done this and it works great. the only thing I would add is to look carefully at your sequences afterward. For some reason I would have spots where my lights would go, for example, to 99% not 100% so the conversion didn't change these. While I would only find a few "burps" in each sequence it is worth the effort to carefully look at your sequences afterward. Setting it to show all your fades as ramps will help identify issues easier.

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