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I was wondering if there is an automatic way to change the directions of the morphs when creating an instant sequence. I have a lot of mini trees and bushes that I want sequence with morphs, but i want the morphs to do different things (i.e some morph up, down and even go around the trees).

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There is no direct way to control the direction of the morphs. But each theme has a native direction it will follow if you set movement to "none." For example, "meteor" always goes one direction, and "comet" goes the other direction, I forget which is which, but they go different directions.

"Morph full length" goes a particular direction, and unfortunately there is not a "Morph full Length" that goes the opposite direction. But all of the effects that go full length will alternate directions if you set movement to anything besides "none". I did this because there is really no way to move a full length effect, so I just make it change direction.

I realize there are a lot of things that could be added to give more control over how "instant sequence" creates the sequence. Your suggestions are good ones, I won't be able to put more features in this year, but I should be able to next year.

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