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Ccp's, Networks, and assigning unit ID's


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I have 10 existing controllers with ID's 1 - 10 (skipped 0A- 0F). I am adding 12 CCP's this year ( 6 controllers with double strings). I have S-3 ( ver 3.7) and Super Star program. I assigned CCP controllers Unit ID's 0A thru 0F and plan on networking as follows:

Standard Network Unit 1- 10

Aux Network A - Unit 0A - 0C

Aux Network B - Unit 0D - 0F

My question is.. Am I going to run into a problem because the Auxillary Networks fall within the sequential unit ID's/info being sent down the Standard Network? I know the CCp's have to have sequential ID's per the manual. If I do it this way, Will the program try to send commands to units 0A - 0F down the Standard network because they fall within the Units (1-10) that I assigned to that network?

Thanks in advance!

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Nope...you will have no problem assigning the units or network the way you have it laid out.

The unit IDs do not have to be assign in any specific order and/or any specific network. But you must have the assign units (as you have laid out) connected within the designated network. And you can connect the units in any order within the assign network. Meaning your first controller does not have to be Unit 01. It can start with any unit number and daisy chain to the next.

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