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Green 5MM (Wide Angle) LED's.

Joe Noe

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It seems that the retailers are trying really hard to take green out of Christmas. Apparantly the christmas colors are now Red, White, and Blue, which is Ironic as I thought that was reserved for somethine else. The only green left anymore is the green in the multi strands.

So, where can a guy come up with about 30 boxes of green LED's as I mentioned in the title of the thread? Just looking for some suggestions or ideas.

Thanks all.

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There are numerous vendors on this forum and others that sell LED's. Your best deal will by the case, which depending on the vendor will be either 12 or 24.

Creative Display http://www.creativedisplays.com/

Lights, Music, Magic http://lightsmusicmagic.com/

more if you search the forums

a guy on the PC forum has 33 strings for sale


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