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Pour Some Sugar on Me - Arches?


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I just rolled out the majority of my Halloween hardware and working on finishing my Pour Some Sugar display. I need to sequence:

- 8 Channel Cylon Flat Arch

- 8 Channel Traditional Arch #1

- 8 Channel Traditional Arch #2

- 9 Channel Grave display

The show is a bit busy at the moment and I want to make it more subtle, but need all the pieces beforehand. Happy to share my mouth movements for any quick and dirty enhancements if any one has worked on this song,

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Question How did you make the poles do that? just put light strands on a pvc pipe and have each individual strand a separate channel?

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@dollarchip - yes, the orange poles out front are just 4' PVC wrapped with four 1' sections of mini-lights. Each similar section plugs into one channel to conserve overall channels, so I use a total of five channels for those posts including the Skull Heads on top of each pole.

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I do mouth sequencing I would love to see this.  Check out my dropbox shown below to download all my sequences.



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