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CCPixels bad after 3 nights?


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This year I built a Halloween tree decorated with 32 pumpkins. I am lighting them with 2 CCpixel strands. Saturday night I finally used the HWU to map out all the lights. Monday at work I entered the controller IDs and pixel numbers to all the sequences. I get the show running tonight and I have an issue. The top right 2 pumpkins are not lighting (of course it is the TOP two....) I run the HWU and one one strand 19 of the pixels do not work anymore.

Here is the set up:

Each CCPixel is set up as 2 consecutive Controller IDs of 50ct RGB strands.

The first 50 are flipped (#1 is the pixel farthest from the controller)

The pixels that are not light are 1-19 on the first strand (so last 19 pixels fartest from the controller)

I reset the controller. I powered it down and then unplugged the pixel strands. Plugged them back in and powered it back on and nothing. Are there anymore troubleshooting tips? Or do I have to replace them?

Thank you in advance


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Create a support ticket for this. They have a warranty which will get you a replacement string. This happened to one of mine as well and I had a replace in a few days.

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ah man........Somehow I knew this would be the answer.

Is there a time frame that must be observed? Can I leave them there until after Halloween and then run it?

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Be careful to not "pull" the wires of the pixels. they need to be "supported"

They are susceptible to being pulled out, and you may not notice it.

This drove me nuts on one of my ray-wu pixel stings

I pulled a little to hard on it and barely pulled out the wire.... I didn't notice it until I went down the line...one pixel at a time.

my advice....

1.) Zip tie the pixels to whatever you can

2.) if you must hang a string unsupported on the pixels that are in an area were they might be tugged at.... zip tie around the wires at the base of the pixel. this helps them to not pull out of the pixel.

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Yeah, everything is supported and each pixel is glued in with a dab of hot glue on the outer shell near the bulb....

I am only using 32 of 200 pixels so I have plenty of room inbetween.

They worked for 2 days outside and then toast....

I have been using them for testing in my santa house indoors for 5 months-ish with no mechanical issues......

We wont talk about other stuff....... :angry:

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LOL! So I because I loath the idea of taking down the tree to replace these things, I changed the controller box......

It worked! Guess I am happy that I don't have take the tree down, but upset that the controller may be bad.

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I wonder if the controller just needs a reset, or a firmware flash...

I reset them right away, no luck....I also looked for a firmware update but I see only CCR firmware.

I tested the "bad" controller this morning on my Santa House and it worked just fine.......

Maybe it's an indoor controller? LOL!

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