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Only the first 20 Modules are lighting?


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I am using S3 v3.7, connected to an ECG-P2 then to (30) 2801 RGB Modules and when I run a short sequence in SE only the first 20 modules are lighting.

The channel settings seem to be correct in SE. Really stumped.

Any thoughts?


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Can you get the pixels to work outside of LOR? E.g. with xlights or da_E131, or better yet, a test mode in the controller (I'm not familiar with the EGC-p2 to know if there is such a mode)? Would help narrow down software vs. hardware issues.

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Just found it. I dug around in the settings of the ECG-P2 and I had 30 pixels in the String config but only 20 in the effect coding. Changed that to 30 and Bob's your Uncle... Fixed! (Bob really is my uncle too) ;)

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