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2012 Halloween sequences for charity donation

Rich Schroeder

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I have 2 sequences to share that I use in my Halloween show.

-Rhianna-"where have you been" -edited out the part that says "now _ _ _ _ king pay me" on the original audio

-Pitbull version of "we run the night"

96 channel sequences, although I think only 80 are actually programmed.

Both sequences have singing faces (we run the night only required one face, "where have you been" has 2 singing faces) and lights. Audio will not be included.

If interested, please make a donation to my charity through my light show's Wepay page and send me your email. All proceeds benefit our local fire department. Most singing face songs sell for about $20 on the internet.

donation page: https://www.wepay.com/donations/elkhorn-light-show-donations-to-benefit-the-elkhorn-area-fire-department?utm_campaign=donations&utm_medium=link&utm_source=facebook&ref_uid=4409419



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