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Paul Dexter

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I have 12 Arches, 3 Circles and 6 vertical CCRs.

Navigating all the topics, I cannot find where to tell me this:

Ultimately, I would like to see the shapes work together in the sequencer, but don't know how to make that happen.

Here's the dliemma:

The choices for layout are - Star, Ray, Grid or wide, with options: Arch, circle.

I thought that I would have to program them each in a separate sequencer (one for arches, one for vertical, one for circles). I programmed the verticals, then opened a new file, using the same song, to add the arches. Except, what was programmed for the verticals were not separate at all, but those cues previously programmed for the verticals carried over into the acrhes.

How can I separate the 3 shapes? and then, is it possible to play the shapes together in the superstar sequencer as one song or, will the cues need to be loaded separately into the Sequencer editor in order to see it play all together?



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