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Guests pick a song from mobile internet


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MIIP had a big rewrite in the spring and is now released and open for new signups.

With MIIP you can allow guests to see your song list and when each is scheduled to play. If they wish to Vote they can move the songs to the top or bottom. People always ask what happens when two people want different songs to play next. It works by the number of votes. When there is a tie the song played longest ago wins. After playing all the votes for that song are cleared.

Below are sample screen snaps from the MIIP client. You, as the display owner see the tabbed application with many options. The guest on their phone see this as a small format web page.

You can have a custom domain name if you wish, (mine is ThatChristmasLightsHouse) but most people dont use one. They simply link from their own domain.

MIIP keeps track of how many guests look at your site and what time. Of course it knows how many votes up and down and how many times each song plays.

There is no charge to use this application but you must sign up via email. This is so the admin can contact you if there is any problem with the app or servers.



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This works with LOR?

Released it for the 2010 season, so this is the third year for it. Yes it works only for LOR PC based player. The lights you have hooked to it don't matter. But your show computer must have an internet connection.

The basics are.. Guests use their phone browser to see your playlist. Their votes are uploaded and stored on the server.

On the show computer, when a song is played the begin time is also uploaded to the server so the guests can see exactly when the current song started and becuase the server knows how long each song is, it computes when all the rest of the songs will play and gives a schedule. 10 seconds before the playing song ends... the show computer asks the server for a vote tally. It responds with the song which has the most votes. Then the miip client overwrites the show file rearranging the songs to play in the voted for order. LOR reads the show file and plays the songs in the rearranged order.

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