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Pixel Spacing

Dave H1

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Has anyone requested from Ray Wu or any other supplier, pixels spaced at either 8 inches or 12 inches apart??

If so, were they able to accommodate the spacing and what was the up-charge (if any) to do this?

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I haven't done it personally, but Ray told me he can do custom spacing. I wouldn't expect too much of an upcharge - just enough to cover the additional materials. Never hurts to ask, he's very responsive with questions.

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I've done custom spacing with Ray of various sizes. He generally gets it close, but for the longer lengths (8-12") he seems to short change it a bit, and it varies from pixel to pixel some.

(i.e. I just checked one string that I requested 12" spacing and they range from 8" and up..)

I have not seen much if any up charge.


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