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New to CCB, cant get both strands to light in Test Console


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I'm sure the answer is in here somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I'm only a 2nd year LOR user and this is my first time to use CCBs. I just hooked up a CCB and I can only get one strand to work (of the two 50 bulb strands). What am I missing in the settings to get both strands to work?

Current Settings:

Unit ID Mode: Normal

Channel Mode: Triples

Standalone Speed: 8

Ribon/String Parameters: 50 Pixles, 1 Num of end to end (I tried 2 and nothing changed)

Flip String 1 is checked

DMX Mode: Both

Thanks for any help

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I set my dmx mode to rgb channels only. I cant remember if I did that due to the same problem, but it works on mine. The rest of the settings are the same.

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