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Finally thought I would see what this gibberish is on DevMikes signature. It was a lot of work to decode!

GCM$ d-- s++:++ a? C++++(6$ net$ cob$ cic$ db2$ LN$ php$ ms$) UL+$ P--- N+ W+++++$ O+ M-- t+@ 5-- X+++ R tv+ b++ DI++++ D---- G e+++ h+++ r*

Found this site explaining some of it. I must say this is way old and out of date.

GCM$ Geek of Computer Management getting paid for it

d-- My t-shirts go a step further and have a trendy political message on them.

s++:++ I'm a basketball/linebacker candidate.

a? immortal

C++++ I'll be first in line to get the new cybernetic interface installed into my skull.

P--- Perl combines the power of sh, the clarity of sed, and the performance of awk with the simplicity of C.

N+ I read news recreationally when I have some time to kill.

tv+ I watch some tv every day.

t+ StarTrek It's a damn fine TV show and is one of the only things good on television any more.

5-- Babylon5 You call this Sci-Fi? That is such a load of crap! This show is just a soap with bad actors, [Foul Language Used]-poor effects, and lame storylines. Puh-leese.

X+++ Xfiles This is the BEST show on TV, and it's about time. I've seen everything David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have ever done that been recorded

e+++ Got a Masters degree

G I know what the geek code is and even did up this code.

r* signifying membership in the SBCA (Sour Bachelor(ette)'s Club of America). The motto is 'Bitter, but not Desperate'.

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You are still missing some.

FYI: You won't find these. They are my own for what I'm currently making money on:

6$ net$ cob$ cic$ db2$ LN$ php$ ms$

6 = Visual Studio 6 (VB6)

net = dotnet

cob = COBOL

cic = CICS

db2 = DB2

LN = Lotus Notes (Admin & Programmer)

php = PHP (Server Side scripting)

ms = Microsoft Windows (generally 2003/2008/2008R2 Server Administration)

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Good to see some of us still making money on programming skills from years past;

I remember PL/1, 370assembler, Fortran and RPG2 (in addition to Cobol and CICS).

Even 360 stand alone machine code (CCWs, TICs, etc).

Hang in there, Mike

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ah... found my geek code from like 10 years ago:

GSS y**>*++ d++ h-- a- !s !C+++ U*>-->---- E---- W(++)- N++ M--- P O- w Y+ t++

!5---- R++ G?-- tv+ b- D+ e++ h!>- Z+

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FYI: You won't find these. They are my own for what I'm currently making money on:

6$ net$ cob$ cic$ db2$ LN$ php$ ms$

Yes I figured they were custom codes. Got them all except LN. Wow you are still supporting CICS? I worked in a VSAM DB2 CICS COBOL shop long ago. But most of it was retired before and shortly after Y2K. Moved on to SQLsever and then COM then dot net then BI Business Intelligence. Then picked up php mysql and started going backwards. To Oracle appliction analyst in a gigantic Unix shop, Monsanto headquarters. They require me to use VI here. Cant FTP files to the server. Writing Unix script reminds me of the old Dos bat file days. No geek codes for me though,

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I did CVS/MVS programming at my first job out of college. It made me want to "run away! run away!" so I did ;)

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I actually still have a fondness for COBOL/DB2/CICS.

CICS was great for doing text-based applications. If you look REALLY hard, you'll see some pretty advanced concepts in there that are still used today. Things like client side validation and even Ajax-like stuff.

I used to really enjoy Pacbase (disclosure: I'm an ex CGI and ex IBM employee...). It too had a lot of advanced concepts that made life easier, if you took the time to do the initial setup of your project -- library routines, and even some primitive class type constructions. I could bang out CICS transactions and batch reports like a banshee. In one day I created 7 CICS screens that generated 7 different on-demand batch reports each with multiple options using Pacbase... My 4 weeks of vacation and 8 week sabbatical every 7 years when I worked for CGI helped too :)

I still love my COBOL for back office, down and dirty data manipulation. I still catch myself thinking I can re-format my data any way I chose while in VS/.net..... And 88's are DA BOMB!

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UL+$ = Unix, Linux flavor - and I get paid for it.

W+++++$ = Web programmer. (when that page was created, Web was still young. Since then it's evolved. I'm an expert and get paid for it)

O+ = OS/2. I actually liked OS/2 for running servers. I was getting good at it until that free Unix stuff happened :P

M-- = I'm not a MAC (Apple) fan-boy.

t+@ = Some of the Star Trek stuff is awesome. Some needs to just go away (Janeway? DIE!) - you missed the @ part.

R = Role Play - I enjoy the video game D&D stuff.... I haven't played real D&D in... well... at least 2 days :P

b++ = Books. I get through at least 1 a month (usually during my morning... ah.... 'Thinking Time'... yea!)

DI++++ = Dilbert. I am part of the DNRC. Yes, Scott Adams has eMailed me (as have several other toon/animation people when I worked for a large entertainment company).

D----= Doom. I hate 1st person shooters. I love cruises. I'm a pilot. First person shooters give me vertigo. Go figure.....

h+++ = housing. I have a LOT more than just 47 computers and an internet connection (but that's because it's for work).


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